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The emails are being archived on the the account which is currently being browsed by the user, and not the Account from which they orginate.  If I start the archiving process on mail in the inbox of Account "A", and Archives folder and subfolders are created in Account "A" as necessary.  If I switch to read the e-mails I have in the inbox on account "B", an Archives folder and subfolders are create there as needed, and the messages that were not already archived in "A" are transferred to the new account.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start archiving inbox in one account (it should contain lots of messages to be time consuming) 
2. Before archiving is completed, start reading the inbox of another account.

Actual Results:  
Part of the messages are archived into the first account.  The messages that were not yet archived before I switched to the second account were archived in the second account.

Expected Results:  
I expected the archiving to continue into the originating account, while I was free to browse the rest of my messages.

I was using Thunderbird 3.0 Beta 2.  The only addon that was activated from my Thunderbird 2 profile was XMPP4MOZ.
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David would this be possible ?
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Comment 2

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I don't see how - the archive command handler creates a new BatchMessageMover every time the user does an archive command. The BatchMessageMover looks at the selection and saves off the selected message(s) into batch operations (one per source and destination folder combination). Those batch operations are run asynchronously, and they don't care what folder the user has selected.

Jules, are you archiving messages one at a time, or selecting a bunch of messages and doing the archive command? Why are the commands taking so long such that you can switch folders while the archive is still going on? Are these imap messages or local/pop3 messages?

Comment 3

10 years ago
I was archiving messages in large batches. The originating folder was the Local folder which downloads e-mails from ISP using POP.  I had one and a half year's worth of e-mails to move (low traffic of e-mail, most busy month likely less than 30 e-mails but the e-mails to move could have large attachments, which might explain the long times).  Overall it took something like 20 minutes to update. Though part of the slow progress may have been due to uploading through internet.

The other e-mail account was an IMAP to a gmail account.  When I switched to the gmail account, I read a few e-mail, then, I went to browse my gmail account in firefox (I still had my active account as the gmail account in Thunderbird at that time), and I noticed a bunch of new Tags...
Archives,  Archives/2008, Archives/2008/04    etc.

I went back to Thunderbird, and sure enough the e-mails that were in my Global Inbox were being archived in Gmail.  But I already had some Archives in my Local Folders...  While doing so, I clicked on my Local Folders Inbox, making it active, and the Gmail Archives account stopped being updated, and the updating resumed on the Local Folders Archives tree.  It still took a long while to finish the operation from here although I was no longuer uploading to the internet.

Comment 4

10 years ago
To clarify my comment: all what I describe in Comment #3 happened on a single "Archive" command, after I selected most of the content of the Inbox in he Local Folder.  There was no interruption of that initial process when I went to check my Gmail IMAP account, or went back to the Local Folder inbox.  The only thing that changed when I switched accounts, is where the as of yet unarchived mail messages were being stored.
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Jules, do you have seen this issue also using latest TB 3.1.x release ?
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(In reply to comment #3)
> The originating folder was the Local folder which downloads e-mails from ISP using POP.

> I went back to Thunderbird, and sure enough the e-mails that were in my Global
> Inbox were being archived in Gmail.

Do you use Inbox of "Local Folders" as Global Inbox?
How many POP3 accounts are defined to use Inbox of "Local Folders" as Global Inbox?

Have you checked Account Settings of "Local Folders"? Which folder is used as "archives" folder for an account is defined at Copies&Folders of Account settings of each account. However, as you can see, there is no Copies&Folders setting for "Local Folders". i.e There is no setting for Archives folder for pseudo account of "Local Folders".
If Global Inbox(folder of Local Folders), "folder to move mail by archive" is determined by Copies&Folders setting of an account who downloaded the mail(X-Account-Key: of a mail). It's mainly to support Global Inbox well and consistently.

Jules(bug opener):
(1) Check X-Account-Key: header of archived mail in Archives/... of Local Folders and in [Gmail]/All Mail/... of Gmil IMAP account.
(2) Check assigned account number for each account via Config Editor.
(3) Check your folder selection for "archives" at Copies&Folders setting of each account.
Archive was executed as you requested, wasn't it?
(Sorry but I don't know about mail of no X-Account-Key: or mail of X-Account-Key: of non-existent account.)

Please note that account number may be changed if you did delete/re-define accounts.
  1. define hostname=a.b.c,userName=u1 => account3 (account1/account2 is used)
     define hostname=x.y.z,userName=u2 => account4 
  2. Download mails by a.b.c/u1 => X-Account-Key: account3
  3. delete account3/account4
  4. re-define hostname=x.y.z,userName=u2 => account3 
     re-define hostname=a.b.c,userName=u1 => account4
     => swap of account number happens.
  5. Download mails by a.b.c/u1 => X-Account-Key: account4
  6. Old mails downloaded at step 2 is affected by current account3's setting
     for hostname=x.y.z,userName=u2.
no response to last two offers of help, so => incomplete
if you feel this is in error, after checking prior tips, and performing any tests needed, please comment
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