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Implement request handlers which can process input incrementally


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We need this to process never-ending input-output communication, possibly as testing websockets would require, also as testing the sending of, say, 4+GB of data would require (due to memory constraints) -- or anything where the client might send some data, wait for some data in response, and then send other data conditioned on the response.

Since the current path handling APIs all require the entire body to be snarfed before processing, we'll need to add a new API to add such handlers, say registerAsyncPathHandler, and we need to add a way for an SJS file to indicate that it wants to handle a response asynchronously as well (so, say, search for handleAsyncRequest before calling handleRequest or somesuch).
Waldo, would it be difficult to implement this?
Not particularly, I just haven't had time (or particularly pressing need, so far) to get to it yet.  I should have more time to hopefully get to this once the ES5 work is done, which I plan to have completed by the end of the month.
Blocks: 546616
No longer blocks: websocket
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