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license.html and profile/prefs.js not packaged in clobber Mac builds


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First we rsync dist/bin/ to, in, then we put the license files and profile/prefs.js in dist/bin/, then sometime later you build again and we rsync... unless you're talking about a clobber, like say a nightly or a release, when we just fail to have them.

Fx fixed themselves of (half of) the same problem, starting around bug 394046 comment 23 (with, conveniently enough, the first of two fixes sauron gave me, together with the answer to "wtf do you need two targets that both copy profile/prefs.js?" - "we don't").
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I think it might be worth a comment at the end of the file saying not to add anything there unless you don't want it included in mac builds.
FYI, if for some reason you still find yourselves having this problem in the future (the only scenario I can think of off-hand is a box with a high-enough -j value, but I don't know how high it might need to be--as mento would say, "try it"), you'll need to use the second of the fixes I gave Phil, specifically making the "Mac bundle" libs:: rule also depend on the prefs.js and license.{html|txt} files being in their final location in dist/, so that

libs:: $(PROGRAM)

becomes something like

libs:: $(PROGRAM) $(FINAL_TARGET)/license.html $(FINAL_TARGET)/license.txt \

(assuming you are packaging both the .txt and .html versions of license; if not, then just on the .html version and on prefs.js).
Fx builds -j4, but we seem to build -jnothing (which might explain why we're not very quick). Just changing the order worked fine with the couple of -j3 builds I did, but that's hardly a guarantee.
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> I think it might be worth a comment at the end of the file

Ah, the *end* - I thought about a comment above the Mac block, but figured it would disappear in the noise, didn't think about a "here" comment instead of a "down there" one.
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