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past alarms should be ignored, at least by default


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if we consider alarms in the past, the option should at least be configurable to the user with this choice:
1. show alarms from the past X days
2. show alarms only for events that haven't expired yet (should be the default, in my opinion)
3. don't show past alarms at all.

Reproducible: Always
The request is probably related to Bug 349673, Bug 276585, Bug 466871.

There exists a preference "calendar.alarms.showmissed" that is available via the preference dialog but not used anymore in the alarm code.
Indeed, those bugs are all related.

I think that a proper solution would be, in the Alarm preference pane add an option that use could select to decide how he would like Lightning to behave.

For events OR tasks, let alarms expires never OR after X days/hours/minutes the beginning OR the end of the related event/task. This option could even be configurable on a per-calendar basis but my guess is that it would not even be useful.
Philipp, what should be done here? We have a UI-visible preference that is not used. Does it make sense to change the alarm code, so we respect the value of the preference again?
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Hi Martin,

FYI, I hvae uploaded a patch for the missing preference here:

However, pertaining to this bug, the preference is set to true by default while I think if should be the contrary.
Depends on: 496883
Push to comm-central <> (bug 496889) has improved the situation by respecting the preference "calendar.alarms.showmissed" again.

What needs to be done to resolve this bug completely?
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0?
Duplicate of this bug: 466871
Blocks: 702206
Depends on: 746048
Duplicate of this bug: 974847
Blocks: 596960
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