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the message appears in the pane which lists all the messages, but clicking on a message brings just a blank in both the lower pane (I don't know what you call these panes) or just a blank if you double click it. The phenomenon appears totally random. 

Reproducible: Sometimes
What version of TB?

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9 years ago
version (20090605)
When this happens can you right-click on the folder select properties and choose rebuild index to see if it fixes your issue ?
Version: unspecified → 2.0

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9 years ago
I have tried that solution in the past, but when I do it, ALL messages just disappear; the inbox shows empty, and has to be restored from a backup. This only happens with the inbox, by the way.
Could be an antivirus effects? 
In options-->security-->anti-virus have you uncheched "Allow antivirus clients to quarantine individual incoming messages"?

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9 years ago
It is unchecked.
Should be checked, because if you have an email with virus your antivirus quarantine all.

If you have an antivirus, you see anything quarantined?

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9 years ago
Okay. I've checked that box. There are four inbox entries quarantined and one trash.mbx.
I remember that a similar case it happens to me 5-6 years ago: I resolve restoring files from quarantine using antivirus button...  can you doit too?

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9 years ago
I attempted that, but it wants to replace the inbox file. That makes me nervous.
This isn't a problem: 

1. you can exporte current inbox as mbox file (called A), selecting all current messages that you have stored in inbox with an extension as ImportExportTools at and, 
2. restore old mbox file of your inbox folder that antivirus has quarantined and at the end import the current inbox (called B).
3. re-import A to your inbox folder.

instead step 1, you can  copy all your Inbox emails into a new folder (not sub folder of inbox) and after in instead of point 3 move it on the restored Inbox.

For prevent all problem you can make a backup of your profile as described in,_address_books,_and_settings

I hope this help you.
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> For prevent all problem you can make a backup of your profile as described in

Not you CAN, but is better you HAVE TO DO!

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9 years ago
After reading all the web pages, the whole process looks very intimidating and fraught with dangers. I think I'll just let the whole thing go and hope it doesn't happen again. Thanks for the help.
No John, it is easier than it looks: just copy the current Inbox in one place to another folder where it can not be overwritten by the restoration of files in quarantine.

However I can close the bug?

ps: with "Allow antivirus clients to quarantine individual incoming messages" checked, you are sure:
>it doesn't happen again

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