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create what's new page for 3.5.3 release (en-US only)


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As mentioned in, we need to create a /whatsnew page for 3.5.3 that's similar to but slightly different from the one used for 3.5.1.

I'll work on the proposed text and will share it for review...stay tuned for more coming soon.
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Ok, here's the content for this page...Steven, please start building out when you can. The 3.5.3 launch is slated for early September, but I'd like to get this wrapped up next week if possible.

It's all based on the structure of 3.5.1. page, btw (, and is for the en-US version only.

headline/subheadline area: no changes

left promo:
You Just Made the Web Better
Every Firefox download supports the Mozilla Foundation's mission of supporting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. Thanks for your help!
_Learn More_

middle promo:
Dress Up Your Browser 
Give your Firefox the look you want in under 60 seconds. Thousands of Personas to choose from!
_Try Personas_
[image: small excerpt of the Anna Sui persona]

right promo:
no changes


Steven, adding the image to the personas promo is a new twist, but should be pretty simple...I think we can figure it out with a quick IM chat.

Assignee: jslater → steven
Summary: create what's new page for 3.5.3 release → create what's new page for 3.5.3 release (en-US only)
Steven: I went ahead and created this page on silveroange trunk (not committed) and copied in the new text. It's waiting for the Personas image.
Stephen or Steven - would you ping me on IM about that Personas image? I think it's pretty straightforward, but would like to have a quick chat about the best way to work it in.

Initial copy of this page checked in to trunk in r506597 (not up-to-date with new content yet - still to come).
3.5.3 is old news, closing
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