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9 years ago
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(Reporter: ted, Assigned: nthomas)


Windows Server 2003
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(status1.9.2 beta1-fixed, status1.9.1 .4-fixed)



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9 years ago
Source server support for Hg builds requires PDBSTR_PATH to be set in the environment, pointing to pdbstr.exe. This is set here for Tinderbox builds on 1.9.0:
Assignee: nobody → bhearsum
Priority: -- → P2
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add PDBSTR_PATH to production, staging, try builders

I gave this a quick go in staging and it seemed to work OK - the .txt file that sits with the symbols had a bunch of:
pdbstr -r/w -p:PdbFileName -i:StreamFileName -s:StreamName
in it.

Strangely though, the Firefox 3.0 ones don't have anything like this.

I tried to test this out but I have no idea how to make windbg work.
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9 years ago
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add PDBSTR_PATH to production, staging, try builders

This looks reasonable, but having those pdbstr command lines wind up in the -symbols.txt is definitely not right. We should figure out what's happening there before landing this.
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Is there anything in the .txt or logs, or any other place that we can verify it is working before checking this in?

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9 years ago
Oops, I told you on IRC that I put info in the bug, but it was the wrong bug! Check bug 440001 comment 19 for a commandline that you can use to check the info contained in the PDB files.
oops, wrong bug
Probably not getting to this soon.
Assignee: bhearsum → nobody
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Future
Priority: P2 → P3

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9 years ago
Figured out the root cause, bug 520141.
I hear this is slowing down finding out more about our top-crashes, we should jump on this ASAP! Ideally we'd get this in for 3.5.4, even.
blocking1.9.1: --- → ?
ted, bhearsum: whats left to do here? Set this env.variable and install pdbstr.exe on all the slaves? Is this going ok in staging?
This is nominated for blocking the already late 1.9.1 branch, but it's assigned to nobody and in the component "RelEng: Future" neither of which is very confidence building.
I'm not really sure what needs to be done here. I believe that my patch is needed, but it sounds like we need bug 520141 before anything will work.

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9 years ago
Yeah, we need bug 520141 on trunk, 1.9.2, 1.9.1, and then we need Ben's patch.


9 years ago
Depends on: 520141
So I talked to peterv about this and it's not *critical* to get this in for
3.5.4, but we should still get this fixed ASAP, and if we can do it for 3.5.4
w/o delaying it further, I think we should at least try...

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9 years ago
Ben: I just landed bug 520141 on m-c. When you get a chance, could you land just the m-c portion of this patch? I think landing the whole thing will break branches I haven't landed on, but I want to get a nightly out with both of our patches to verify that it's working right.
blocking1.9.1: ? → ---
status1.9.1: --- → wanted
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add PDBSTR_PATH to production, staging, try builders

Approved for, a=dveditz for release-drivers

This must land today, Oct 5, because we will be doing builds tomorrow morning.
This needs to land on 1.9.2 as well.


9 years ago
Assignee: nobody → nthomas
Component: Release Engineering: Future → Release Engineering
OS: Windows NT → Windows Server 2003
Priority: P3 → P2

Comment 21

9 years ago
pm, pm02 and try reconfigured to pick up 79479c0ab82c.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
status1.9.1: wanted → .4-fixed
status1.9.2: --- → beta1-fixed
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Release Engineering
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