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Now that mozilla1.9.2 / Firefox3.6 has branched off of trunk, we need a "perf dashboard" page to monitor it.

I imagine this should go at this URL (which is currently a mostly-blank page):
and it should look something like this 3.5 version:
and it should be linked in the "Other trees" list on those pages.

We also need automated posts to for this branch -- from talking to johnath in IRC, it sounds like that might happen automagically after the perf dashboard is set up.
Catlee - as easy as it sounds?

(And given that catlee's on paternity leave right now, someone else should feel welcome and entreated to jump in)
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add Firefox3.6 regression e-mails, maybe others?

This will get us regression e-mails, and might get us the dashboard too.
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add Firefox3.6 regression e-mails, maybe others?

>+repo_path = releases/mozilla-1.9.2

Needs a s/3.5/3.6/ in that first line
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non-stupid version

Thanks dholbert, I got a bit ahead of myself there.
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non-stupid version

Looks not-stupid to me.
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non-stupid version

changeset:   238:6a74c25e4dbe
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I think we'll be getting regression e-mails now...
I looked at the dashboard code a bit closer and I don't think there's anything we need to change to get Firefox3.6 added...maybe IT needs to flip a switch though. I'll talk to them about it.
Waited 30 minutes for the cron job to pull new data, and Firefox3.6 is now one of the trees available. Thanks, Ben & Alice!
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bug 510248: Add "Perf Dashboard" for Firefox3.6. r=anodelman

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