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Split out mailTabType into its own file.


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Based on the discussion in bug 500506 it appears that mailWindowOverlay.js and therefore mailTabType is loaded into many of our windows (hiddenWindow, searchDialog, standalone message window). This is unnecessary considering we just need it in the 3 pane window.

We should split it out into its own file where a) we can easily find it, b) it doesn't get unnecessarily loaded into those other windows.

SeaMonkey has gone with tabmail.js - I think we could go for the same, unless we wanted something like mailTabType.js.
I vote for mailTabs.js.  For the revised faceted search I have gone with glodaFacetTab.js, which is mimicking specialTabs.js.  Since mailTabType actually includes multiple tab varieties, mailTabs seems the most appropriate.
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This copies out mailTabType to mailTabs.js so that we don't need to include it in most windows. I guess there is more that we can move or reorganise, but this will do for starters.
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let's land this quick to avoid drift
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