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build system runs identical 'hg identify' command too many times


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'hg identify' can be quite slow:
 * because it does a full-tree diff
 * for other reasons, unclear to me, when a tree has a large number of heads
and we call it a significant number of times.  (I have a tree with a large number of heads in which it can take a significant part of a minute.)

We call an identical hg identify command from three different makefiles:
for every phase of the build (export, libs, etc.(?)).

We should probably just call it once, either in configure (and put the output in a variable that gets AC_SUBSTed into, or in the export phase of config/ or something similar (and put the output in a file that can be cat-ed elsewhere).
I think we could also change the command slightly so it doesn't try to figure out if you have local changes. Something like:
hg identify -ir. ('.' is "the parent changeset of the working directory")
You can also get that from:
hg parent --template="{node|short}\n"
Comment #2 makes this sound like the easiest build-speed win available!
10 minute build times, here we come!
Something like this?
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You could also AC_DEFINE it and then remove the manual addition to DEFINES in the two makefiles, I think.
Is running configure each time we update the tree really going to speed things up?
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So the previous patch wouldn't have worked, I don't think (I mean, it built, but MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP was actually empty). This, on the other hand, does work (tested with about:buildconfig, which uses the variable). It adds MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP as an export in the toplevel makefile, and then in the sub-makefiles only assigns to that variable if it's not already defined. This ensures that the value is up-to-date even if make is only ran in subdirectories (thanks, Axel!).
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Attachment #409345 - Flags: review?(ted.mielczarek)
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+MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP = $(shell cd $(srcdir) && hg parent --template="{node|short}\n" 2>/dev/null)

Is this going to have the same problem that bug 517417 fixed, in that hg will look for a repo above the current directory?
Arne: could you test if the command in this patch (quoted in my previous comment) exhibits the same problem as bug 517417? I don't want to regress that for you.
Ted: Thank you for asking! 

It doesn't exibit the same problem, but it would lead to false information for your buildsystem (since it still finds the higher up hg repo). 

To make sure that the command bails out when it isn't in the top level directory of the repo, you can use 

hg parent --repository . --template="{node|short}\n"

But the cleanest way would probably be to use 

MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP ?= $(shell hg --repository $(topsrcdir) parent --template="{node|short}\n" 2>/dev/null)

This checks explicitely if $(topsrcdir) is a hg repository *root* and if yes it returns its parent. A shorthand would be "hg -R" instead of "hg --repository".
I think we might not have been using -R because we are trying to support some ancient version of hg (0.9.4?) that comes with Scratchbox, which our mobile developers use.
Could you test if -R works for them? 

For me hg 0.9.4 uses -R - I just tested it with 0.9, too.
(In reply to comment #13)
> Could you test if -R works for them? 
> For me hg 0.9.4 uses -R - I just tested it with 0.9, too.

This works for me in scratchbox, too:

[sbox-CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007: ~/devmoz/mozilla-central] > hg -R . parent --template="{node|short}\n" 2>/dev/null

Updated the patch using this approach instead.
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Attachment #410760 - Flags: review?(ted.mielczarek)
Ok, I wasn't sure, I just remembered that that code went through several revisions, and we did have problems with the old hg in scratchbox. Thanks for testing!
Thank you for taking care!
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Patch using -R flag

Looks good, thanks!
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Fwiw, should
    * line 276 -- rev = os.popen('hg identify -i "%s"' % srcdir, "r").readlines()[0].rstrip()
be updated too?
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No, not worth it.
And I don't see any reason we'd take this on 1.9.2.
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