Multi-monitor: Some dialogs should be centered



10 years ago
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10 years ago
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1. Progress dialog while sending an email
I have two-monitor system. When Thunderbird is placed on 2nd monitor then progress dialog (while sending an email) is verticaly centered but not horizontally (is on the left side of monitor).

2. Advanced Property Editor (Table Properties - Advanced Edit...)
This dialog is allways on 1st monitor in the left-top corner. I guess there are also another dialogs with 0,0 position.

Reproducible: Always
Summary: Some dialogs should be centered → Multi-monitor: Some dialogs should be centered

Comment 1

5 years ago
Would someone please fix all these Dialog boxes so they at least show in the same place every time. It has been way to long that I have been putting up with this and I'm tired of it. I have dual monitors. Some dialog boxes like spelling jumps to the other monitor top left. I keep Thunderbird on the Right monitor. The make a link dialog goes smack dab in the middle of both monitors and those are the most common ones I use. They all seam to show up in different places all over the two monitors. All the dialog boxes in Thunderbird need to be looked at and put in the correct position. Dialog boxes from messages should at least center on the message and not jump to the other monitor. It would be fine if they would keep their position but every time I move them they go back to the same place again.
As much as I loathe Outlook I have been thinking about switching because I'm so tire of this.

This needs to be a top priority because it makes Mozilla look bad that they can't even put their dialog boxes in the right position. I'd fix it myself if I could but I'm not that advanced of a programmer.

Please Fix ASAP.


Comment 2

3 years ago
Please fix this. It is annoying.

Comment 3

11 days ago

Actually, they shouldn't be specifying positions at all. We have window managers. The job of window managers is to manage windows. Firefox/thunderbird should be just asking for a window of particular size, then hand it off to X11 (or Windows, whatever), and the window manager is free to decide the position of every window according to its local policy, which will be the correct place to put the window. Is the window a child of another? Are you on a multi-monitor setup? Great, the child window will be placed in the most appropriate place where it will be seen, instead of just mysteriously locking up Thunderbird to all subsequent input processing just because its popped up a tiny invisible window 2 metres to the left of where the user's eye is looking.

This is almost certainly a bug in core, not thunderbird. The list of issues is - they key core components are widget* and xul (if the component column is not listed you can add them by clicking "Change Columns")

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