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Build process support for multi-locale builds on maemo


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We need some Makefile support to build multi-locale builds for fennec on maemo.

We don't want the regular development builds to be multi-locale, this is only for nightlies and release builds.

The makefile foo is supposed to merely add the l10n jar stuff to the regular dist/bin/chrome distinations.

This requires some tweaks in toolkit/locales/, as its libs-% target messes with the update locale file, which we don't want, and it stages in dist/xpi-stage/locale-%. I propose to add a chrome-% target there, to keep the directory logic next to each other, that just calls into the sub chrome targets.

On the mobile side, we need a new target that calls into chrome-%, and chrome's up mobile and branding.

Follow up bugs should handle bookmarks preprocessing, and search. Another follow up bug will go to releng to actually use this target and a maemo-locales file to put the selected locales into the multi-locale builds.
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This is the toolkit patch. We'd need this on both central and 1.9.2.

I just copied and modded the lines in libs-%, and for the sake of safety, didn't attempt to factor anything  between the two targets.

Not taking this bug as I won't really have cycles to push it to production in the next week or so, help welcome.
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Pretty much the same thing as for toolkit, just calling in to a few targets to get our stuff into shape.
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Filed bug 519696 on the locales list.
(In reply to comment #1)
> Not taking this bug as I won't really have cycles to push it to production in
> the next week or so, help welcome.

urgh. Ted, I *think* this is a requirement for Fennec1.0, so would you be right person to take this if Axel doesnt have time? 

(nominating this bug to get confirmation from beltzner/stuart)
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I don't actually know how any of our l10n stuff works, so I really don't think I'm the right person to do this. I'm happy to do reviews, as usual, even though I will admit to trusting Axel's judgement on most l10n build stuff.
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add chrome-% to toolkit

+	@$(MAKE) -C ../../netwerk/locales/ chrome AB_CD=$*

Do you want to use $(DEPTH) there for clarity?
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Switched to $(DEPTH), but only for the chrome targets to not affect the fx build.

Landed on mobile, central, and 1.9.2 (as npotb),

(unsetting 1.0 triage flags as this is FIXED)
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Reopening, I forgot a patch for mobile/ Coming up.
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I forgot a patch that actually makes us create the toolkit locales/Makefile's we need in the mobile app.
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verified via ftp site :)
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