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clicking on mail links opens Compose window with wrong identity


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I have 3 identities set up, meaning I have 3 mail accounts that I use on a regular basis. I do not use the unified Inbox, but instead show each account as separate.

Today I clicked on a mail link in identity #3, and TB opened a Mail Compose window. I expected that since I was clicking on an email in identity #3, the From line would be set to identity #3.  Instead it was set to identity #1.

TB should detect which identity is in play, and use that one for things like Mail Compose.
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I have been asking for this to be fixed for years. 
You will also find that the formatting (text or html) is incorrect. 
Like you, I expect the from address, reply to address and formatting type to be taken from the account that is currently active, or from the account in which an email was replied to or forwarded from, not some other random account.
Surely the idea of multiple accounts is that an account is setup for each 
email identity that the user has, ie Home, work, charity etc. 
Then it make sense to keep the mail relating to that identity in folders 
in the relevant account, ie any work related emails would be kept in the 
work\inbox, or work\sent etc. 
Emails could get there by either downloading from different pop servers, 
or by dragging from another account if all incoming mails are consolidated to one server.

Composing a new message when a certain account is highlighted works correctly, 
ie the correct formatting is selected (text/html) and the correct from address 
is selected. 

When it comes to replying or forwarding a message that is highlighted, 
it should work the same way, BUT IT DOESNT !!

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the solution is blatantly obvious and very simple:
1 Ignore the X-Account-Key, or add an option to ignore the X-Account-Key
2 When replying to a message, or forwarding a message, use the same subroutine that creates a new message. 
   That correctly Opens a new edit window
   Uses the correct formatting 
   Uses the correct signature, CC and Bcc addresses
   Uses the correct From address 

To cater for different setups/users then it would be sensible to have some options 
that the user could select in their preferences.
likely a duplicate of one of these
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