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need a framework for testing the performance of specific actions in the application


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we need to be able to test the performance of a broad range of specific actions in the browser, such as opening a new tab, or opening the history menu.

there are two parts to resolving this:

1) the test framework

some exploratory work was done in bug 451607 using mochitests and reporting via test comments. it's not a realistic test of stability of the numbers though, since they're being run in the midst of the actual unit tests. we should instead have a separate box that runs *only* the mochitests for perf. basically it's a new type of mochitest, maybe we could prefix with perf_ instead of browser_ or test_, or something like that?

2) reporting

seems like there's two ways to go about this:
- have a separate instance of perfomatic, since all these little test scores will muddy the test list, generally making things slower and more cumbersome to dig through
- roll all the individual test scores up into a single aggregate result

i'd prefer a separate performatic instance, so that we can track each test individually.
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