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Windows XP theme inconsistencies


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, defect, P3)

Windows XP


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Thunderbird 3.0rc1


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Reading today pushlog, I suppose that landed of bug #516384 not has effect to Windows XP theme (expecially to maintoolbar) because changes are related to binary file mail/themes/qute/mail/icons/mail-toolbar-aero.png.

I think (but probably this bug is Wontfix) that Windows XP theme has several inconsistencies as show in attached screenshot: in general several icons not are moved to tango style and still look as old TB 2.0. For example

1. in main toolbar "write" button is old and different to write button in "Address Book" window (in the past the buttons use the same icon);

2. on compose message window, address book button (now named contacts) is different to address book icon on mail toolbar;

3. on mail toolbar Junk icon is different from new junk icon on folder pane (and on header colum on message list);

4. on message header Junk icon is different from new junk icon on folder pane (and on header colum on message list);

5. on mail toolbar Delete icon is different from new delete icon on address book window and also different for other theme filosophy (e.g. in Linux theme) that use the same icon of Trash folder in message pane and not "X" icon;

6. same of point 5 for delete icon on message header button;

7. on main toolbar "reply to list" has a style very very different from old "reply", "reply all" and "forward" that are derived from old 2.0 theme.

This "issues" should be block TB 3 or are a wontfix issue?

I cannot find any dupe.
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This should fix the issue. What do you think Bryan?
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patch to fix the issue

yeah, looks good to me.

i'm putting philor as the code reviewer
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patch to fix the issue

Can't really argue with the code, since it's a couple of images :)
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Thanks Andreas: it is fantastic :-D
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