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Get 4 new Leopard minis for SeaMonkey


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As discussed in bug 492224, the SeaMonkey project would like to get 4 new Mac minis set up with the Leopard ref image.
Bug 526206 gets that image to cb-sea-miniosx01, we should name the new machines cb-sea-miniosx{02,03,04,05} to have a consistent naming scheme there.

CCing Seth for community giving, he already gave an OK to this at least to me personally, but might be good to officially sign this off here as well.

(Not strictly dependent on bug 492224, but the discussion there led to filing the bug here)
Blocks: 526213
Assignee: server-ops → sean
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> CCing Seth for community giving, he already gave an OK to this at least to me
> personally, but might be good to officially sign this off here as well.

Yes, we have chatted about this and we gave the go ahead for Sea Monkey community.  It should be charged to the Community Giving program.
Whiteboard: On order
These machines are on order.
Are these in yet?
Sean, Matthew:
Any progress on those machines yet? I hear everyone around talking of new minis arriving, so I'm even more eager to see ours becoming available... ;-)
Machines are in. I'm handing this off to Phong to get to MPT.
Assignee: sean → phong
Whiteboard: On order
Fore reference, bhearsum tells me the image I'd like to have on those new minis is macOSX-10-5-2-mini-ref-v4.dmg
10.5.2 will not run on the new hardware.  I need to get this updated to 10.5.8 first.
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Oh, right, Ben says he got confused and we don't have an image for that yet. :(

Would it be possible to take cb-sea-miniosx01, which is an old mini running 10.5.2, upgrade that to 10.5.8, make an image of that and pull it onto the new machines?
I did the upgrade to 10.5.8 on cb-sea-miniosx01, and it looks good on all its jobs, from what I see. I've just requested it to stop buildbot after its current job and will shut it down so it can be imaged.

Phong, please ping me when you come around to look into that.
OK, I take it that you didn't come around to image this today, I'll put the machine back into our build pool, please contact me to find another time window where we can do this.
grabbed an image.  i will try to deploy it to the newer minis when i get back to the office.
Blocks: 537912
cb-sea-miniosx[02-05]  63.245.210.[44-47]

I'll find a space for these tomorrow and rack them.  These were cloned from cb-sea-miniosx01
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
No longer blocks: 541357
No longer blocks: 504344
No longer blocks: 537912
Blocks: 504344
I don't seem to be able to log into cb-sea-miniosx04 - the others are fine.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
I'll check on this one the next time I am at MPT.
Thanks, Phong. The other minis are running well!
miniosx04 is now powered on.
Closed: 13 years ago13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
verified, all those machines are here now!
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