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cb-sea-miniosx01 (still) times out on buildsymbols


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cb-sea-miniosx01 is an older machine we got re-imaged with Leopard in bug 526206 so that we have a bit more Mac build power for SeaMonkey. Unfortunately, it seems to be quite short on RAM and therefore still times out on buildsymbols even though timeouts are already set to an hour.

As I think it's not that easy to get more RAM for a mini, I guess the best option is to bump the timeouts for that step even higher, which is what I'm testing on the SeaMonkey master right now.
The longer timeout did not help, so that's not the way to go.

Server Ops, can RAM on that mini be increased? It looks like a static universal build can't reasonably be linked with 512MB nowadays.

If it's not possible, I probably need to exclude this one from the slave pool for nightly and release.
Assignee: kairo → server-ops
Component: Release Engineering → Server Operations
QA Contact: release → mrz
Phong, possible to increase the RAM?
Assignee: server-ops → phong
We can also try to move to to new hardware?  Releng is updating their build image to work on the new mac mini.
I'm happy with whatever the solution can be, as long as we have a working machine there ;-)
Whiteboard: [waiting on releng]
I think this should be taken care of with the 4 new minis in bug 526208
Depends on: 526208
Those 4 new minis are planned to be there in addition to that one, that still stands, right?
Depends on: 526213
No longer depends on: 526208
Serge, could you please not randomly screw dependencies here?
No longer depends on: 526213
I found 1.83 mini with 1 GB of RAM.  Will this work for you?
Sure, that would be fine!
I have a replacement mini for this.  I will replace this tomorrow.  Let me know when I can swap it out.
Seth: This is transferred from a Mozilla asset to Community.  Not sure what you have to do with this.
Let's just move it to the community giving component in this product and mark the bug as fixed when ready.
replaced with newer 1.83 mhz / 1 GB RAM mini.
Assignee: phong → sethb
Closed: 14 years ago
Component: Server Operations → Community Giving
QA Contact: mrz → community-giving
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: [waiting on releng]
The new miniosx01 successfully did a nightly now, so I'm verifying this.
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