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box-shadow causes artifacts on corners with border-radius


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When -moz-box-shadow is applied to element, there are artifacts from the background color on the rounded corners.

Without -moz-box-shadow everything looks fine.

I have used -moz-linear-gradient with the new syntax on trunk. The same result is visible with simple background-color, but with gradient the problem is more visible. The artifacts on all corners are with the first defined color, even when the gradient finishes with different color.
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You're talking about the faint red dots at the corners?

Almost certainly some kind of "seams" issue.
Attached file testcase2 (obsolete) —
Testcase with plain background-color and increased border-width. Artifacts are even more here.
Attached image screenshot2
The corners are compared with high zoom level, so you can see the exact difference. The inner and outer part of the radius is different.
Depends on: 466572
Sounds like a duplicate of bug 466572. Though this issue was the first one I stumbled over searching for this problem, so probably 466572 should be marked as duplicate of this one.
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