Metabook font lacks latvian letters on firstun/whatsnew pages for 3.6



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9 years ago
The Metabook font used on our new Whatsnew/Firstrun pages does not have Latvian letters:

I haven't checked other locales yet now that the staging server is operational, but I expect this bug to happen with other languages.

We need to decide what we do with this issue, like:
1/ using a different font on these pages
2/ using a fallback font for Latvian and other languages not compatible (if so, which?) 
3/ not using a downloable font for those languages but a standard one
sk has to problem too, but there's Meta Book CE font, which solves the problem for us. I don't know if it's possible to serve various fonts for various locales, but this might be a way to go.
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Same thing with MetaBold

Edited the en-US page with Firebug to get this. :)

This applies to both fonts, MetaBook and MetaBold. Only "ł" and "ó" are available in these fonts for Polish.

We should use the CE version of these fonts for Slavic, Baltic and Hungarian languages (maybe subsetting the font file for each language to reduce download size - Czech does not need ą, ł nor ź, Polish does not need č nor š etc.)
We've got the more robust MetaWebPro font family in place on the firefox3.6 branch now. From my completely uneducated view, this looks to have improved (fixed?) the situation. Please confirm.
Yep, that's much better now. Fixed for sk.
Looks like this is fixed, please confirm and reopen if not.
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