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changing wireless network while thunderbird is still on and trying to send an email


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The following scenario occurs..should the laptop hibernate or stay on and the wireless network changes, sending an email seems not to be possible.

To send a mail, the thunderbird service needs to be restarted

Reproducible: Didn't try

Steps to Reproduce:
1.leave laptop open
2.enter another wireless range
3.try to send an email

Expected Results:  
When sending a mail thunderbird will freeze for a while until an error message will appear

using ubuntu
Can you give us the version of Thunderbird ?
A screenshot of the error ?
What do you have in Tools -> Error console when this happens ?
have not been able to recreate it

are there any other logs i can retrieve
(In reply to comment #2)
> have not been able to recreate it
> are there any other logs i can retrieve

Well you can have a look at /var/messages .

Would be very nice if you could come up with some reproducible steps. Without these there isn't much we can do to fix the issue.

I'm going to set a date  for us to close this bug as incomplete. I'll set it to mid-january - that gives you plenty of time to try to reproduce. (There's no gain in keeping a bug open, when we can't make the product better out of it.)
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I am getting a very similar issue on Windows XP with Thunderbird 3.  If the notebook suspends, and you resume thunderbird, does not send or receive email at all.  Secondly when you try to close thunderbird, it will not shutdown gracefully, it must be killed, through the task manager.
This also happens with Vista 64bit
I was able to do a dump in vista, which will be attached.
Bug 213637 -  Mozilla runs at ~100% cpu usage after network connection is interrupted, changing network/LAN, switching from wireless to non-wireless, undocking - was the last big fixed bug that comes to mind.  But if you are seeing problems ...

 Bug 465204 -send message after failed network connection, manual retry by itself doesn't work -- offline/online is necessary
 Bug 433199 -  After resuming from hibernate, browsers acts like there's no network connection 

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still see this problem?
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Not I haven't in awhile.
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