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List Personas as sub-items from the default theme


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Since the Personas integration on Firefox will support only the default theme, practically Personas will be different backgrounds that users can apply to the default theme.
It would be a lot more understandable if Personas would be listed as sub-items from the default theme.

The idea is that the most recent used Personas appears as sub-items when the default theme is selected and collapsed when the default theme is not selected.
This could solve a lot of issues along this integration avoiding confusions between Personas and real Themes. 

I can see a lot of advantages:
The addons manager would be tidier.
It would be clear why it's necessary to restart the browser to apply a persona.
A clear distinction between Personas and third-party themes
and many others...

If necessary I could prepare some mockups clarifying this approach.
Blocks: 511104
We should consider this in the ongoing redesign work but I'm generally against this since I don't think it will make the add-ons manager tidier at all, quite the opposite in fact. I also don't believe that we need a clear distinction between lightweight and old style themes. Of course if we implement bug 520124 then this becomes a non-issue.
No longer blocks: 511104
Some themes, like my Nautipolis and LittleFox do actually support the use of Personas.
There should be a way to allow the combination of a Personas 'theme' with a normal 'Theme'. 
When Personas was just an extension this was possible (and still is via the extension), but now that FF3.6 has 'lwtheme' build in, it outcasts existing themes.
This outcasting behaviour is not Mozilla like, and one should allow theme extensions. 
Note, I have been theming Mozilla for 10 years now, ofwhich5 years for FF, and now this is stopped because of this.
I have invested time to support Personas in my themes (with great effect), but now Personas is refusing to support me....
I think Personas should be a separate section in the "Add-Ons" window.
They are just a background image for fun, while themes are a detailed work which changes the appearance of Firefox significantly, sometimes completely... 
Themes and Personas are different in this way, and it's wrong to mix them in one place.
Themes are not supported on 57+ Firefox so I'm going to wontfix this enhancement request. Feel free to reopen if you disagree.
Closed: 2 years ago
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