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Change Weave Sync bookmark link


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: Bookmarks, defect)

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See bug 515652 comment 9. Should point to:

Note that putting this in default bookmarks means that on first run this will be added to user bookmarks, and we won't really ever be able to update or get rid of this link, so we should be prepared to keep the link working for a long time.
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This page is currently 404
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This page isn't online yet.

Do we know whether this page will be localized? One advantage of linking to AMO is that most of the site is already localized...
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I have weave installed and the only Weave bookmark in place is the one to the Weave Synch AMO page. Are you sure that this bug is fixed?
This is actually one of the default bookmarks that comes up as part of a new profile. It has nothing to do with installing weave.
Well, I have weave installed but don't have the bookmark.
Hmm, can you try the following:

1. to keep your profile; move it (go to "cd ~/.mozilla/fennec )
2. delete the fennec/ folder within /.mozilla/ 
3. then start up fennec
4. Go to the Awesome Bar
5. click on See All Bookmarks
This profile *was* clean.

What are you looking for? You gave steps but no expected result or what you expect me to tell you.
To be clear, I took a clean profile (clean yesterday) and installed weave on it.
The Weave Addon is not related to this bug at all. Our default bookmark set (that you only get with newly created profiles) contains a "Firefox: Synchronize using Weave" bookmark that used to point to the Weave Page on AMO. This bug updated the URL to point to instead.

So the steps to verify are:
1) Create a new profile
2) Awesomebar, "Show all bookmarks"
3) Click the "Firefox: Synchronize using Weave"

Previous results: loads
Expected results: loads
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Assigning to self to create a litmus testcase.
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> Assigning to self to create a litmus testcase.

The assignee field is only for the developer who wrote the patch.
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We talked about this on irc with blassey and ted. We're experimenting.
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