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Make 1.9.1 pull specific state of extensions by default


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As we can't take new strings (or even new features) for the "stable" SeaMonkey 2.0.x series, we need to basically "freeze" ChatZilla, venkman, and DOM inspector at the state they were in when SeaMonkey 2.0 shipped.

We can take selected fixes after serious investigation, but we can't just follow their trunk, esp. as we cannot take string changes (for ChatZilla and venkman they break all L10n trees).

The best way to do this is probably to make pull some tag of those repos by default, which is even more easy once ChatZilla has been converted to being pulled from hg. I still need to figure out that tag or if it should just be a named branch, or whatever, but I intend to work on this and hopefully have a solution soon.

I'd be happy about technical details (i.e. should it be a specific revision, a static tag which we move as needed, or a named branch? What name should be used for the tag/branch?)

I think we're safe to do what fits SeaMonkey best here, as nobody else on the comm-* branch is packaging any of the extensions by default.
For reference, this is the solution I am currently using, which is to specify the specific revisions on the buildbot side. That works, but 1) needs a build person (me) to update what we are building and 2) confuses people building theirselves by giving them different versions on checkout than what the build machines are using.
I'm only attaching this patch to have it up somewhere for reference to what we're doing right now.
Fwiw, I would probably prefer a named branch.
This patch bases on bug 524682, as moving ChatZilla to hg makes this nicer to work with overall.

If this gets review, I'll create a named COMM_1_9_1_BRANCH (or whatever name comes out of the discussion) in the repos of those extensions, basing on what SeaMonkey 2.0 final (and 2.0.1) shipped.
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pull a COMM_1_9_1_BRANCH by default

r=Standard8 but please make sure that:

- This change is communicated to developers via the normal channels.
- This change is documented somewhere ( may be an appropriate place).
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OK, I have created a COMM_1_9_1_BRANCH on all those repos, now it just need communication/documentation and checkin.
I added a paragraph about it to and posted to the newsgroups, so I'll go for checkin now.
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