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Add ability for admins to add ad-hoc entries to a BYOB repack's distribution.ini


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(Whiteboard: 16 hrs)

For some Mozilla-managed builds, there is a requirement to specify entries manually in a repack's distribution.ini file. This feature would add the ability for an admin to specify those entries for a given repack. Over-riding BYOB defaults would (probably) be handled separately from this process, but input is welcome on this matter.

General requirements for this feature are:

- accessible only to admins, which could add entries to any repack they own (optionally to any build in the system)
- would incorporate pref duplication checking/notification
- would have three components to be defined (all fields freeform):
   1. distribution.ini section
   2. preference name
   3. preference value
- the defined entries, on repack generation, would be added in the relevant section of the repack's distribution.ini
Added time estimate to whiteboard.  Looks like this would call for an overhaul of the templated INI generation to something more aware of the INI format to allow ad-hoc management of entries.
Blocks: 538883
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: 16 hrs
Ok. Let's discuss impacts, then. I was thinking that the ad-hoc entries would be for anything the app doesn't handle by default. I can see where that gets tricksy if people add something that overrides an app-generated pref, and I would like the answer to that to be "non!".

This would be primarily for mozilla-managed builds, and if it's a significant monkey wrench to implement, we can continue to maintain manually and push this out.
Grabbing for my bug queue until / unless it's bumped by something else
Assignee: nobody → lorchard
Still have some bugs to fix and an admin access restriction to enforce, but I have an initial implementation in r65876 and working on stage.
r65907 and r65909 should fix the access restriction and INI issues I had found. The thing could use some polish, but I think it's basically functionally complete unless I've missed the mark
Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
Meant to close this one awhile ago. Feel free to file new bugs against the ad-hoc INI tab, if need be
Closed: 11 years ago
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