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Add localized customizations to bookmarks and search plugins


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Similar to how AMO provides a facility to customize information by locale, the configuration wizard should support customizations for both bookmarks and search plugins. Information on the format of the distribution.ini file can be found on the wiki (

At a high level, the requirements are as follows:

- Provide a method to select a default locale when multiple locales are selected. If en-US is one of the selected locales, this should be used as the default (but should be user-configurable)
- All locales should use the settings in the default locale if no additional information is provided for other locales
- For each locale, the author should be able to modify, remove, or add entries for the bookmarks and search plugins, up to the maximum allowable number of modifications. These modifications would trump the default settings.
- Locale-specific information would be added to the repack's distribution.ini on build per the format listed above.
Added time estimate to whiteboard
Priority: -- → P2
Depends on: 538615
Oops.  *Now* added time estimate.  Along with bug 538615, this seems to call for a more format-aware handling of the INI generation.  Might need some more examples and possibly some consideration of the UI changes required to make these locale customizations work for BYOB.  That may tweak the time estimate one way or another.
Whiteboard: 16 hrs
Ok. We can bump the priority down as well, if needed. I'd rather get global support for folders and search plugins first, as the majority of repacks will be unilingual, but I can provide additional information on how localization works in the ini and distribution directory.
Bumping to a v1.5 milestone (Q3)
Target Milestone: --- → 1.5
r72533 adds an initial stab at an L10N UI for bookmark management. Validation is disabled for now as I figure out how to get it working across locales, so you can enter invalid URLs and such. Hopefully I'll have that worked out soonish
FWIW, something I realized after butting heads with distribution.{ini,js} for a bit is this: Though individual bookmarks can be localized, locales can't have completely different sets of bookmarks.

That is, you can localize any given bookmark with different title/desc/URL. But, the folder structure, type (eg. livemark/bookmark), and number of bookmarks can't be changed between locales.

If we want to get completely different bookmarks between locales, I think we'd need to have some way of making the repack script pick a per-locale distribution.ini.  That sounds like trouble.
r72605 should enable both server and client side validation for bookmark data. Not sure the UI is the most intuitive, but it does try to highlight both the locales where errors are present, as well as the fields.
So... I'm not seeing separate bookmarks sets per locale working, and still not sure how it would work with the current code in distribution.js.  Maybe I've got the syntax wrong, so here's a sample of something I tried building repacks from. 

Only the en-US set of bookmarks shows up, and things like / are ignored. The per-bookmark localizations do work, though.

item.1.title=0xDECAFBAD for es-AR
item.3.title=Recommended Addons
item.3.description=Recommended Addons


r74240 implements the UI for separate bookmark sets per locale, as well as producing a distribution.ini like the one above.  It won't actually work in builds yet, but it should work all the way up to that point.
this is now realized in byob right?
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