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Implement a whitelist and blacklist for OOPP


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For OOPP, it's likely that we'll want to start out with a whitelist of plugins that we've tested work with OOPP. At some point we may want to flip it to a blacklist of plugins that are known not to work.

Josh, can you take this or find an owner? We probably want to do this with prefs, but I'm not sure whether we can reliably key off the plugin filename or some other marker.
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I've only tested this on Linux so far but it probably works fine on Windows.

You can specify per-library exceptions to whatever "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled" indicates by setting boolean prefs like "".
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Josh, when reviewing this I thought of one issue and cleaned it up so we didn't need to use the localfile:

* because windows isn't case-sensitive, I've normalized the plugin name to lowercase before checking the pref
* Use string function RFindCharInSet instead of localfile->GetNativeLeafName because it's quicker and cleaner
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How exactly do I use this?  I have a plugin that doesn't play well with OOPP and I'd like to blacklist it.

Starting with tomorrow's nightly:
* find the file name of your plugin by looking in about:plugins
* go to about:config
* create a new boolean pref "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.<filename>" with value "false"

BTW, what plugin are you blacklisting?
Foxit Reader, the latest version.
looks like Bug 542792
Would it be possible to specify a leafname without the extension so for example

will allow NPSWF32.dll NPSWF32.dylib etc.
The Flash plugin is:
npswf32.dll on Windows on Linux
"Flash Player.plugin" on OS X.

I don't see how that would help anything.
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While this still remains a whitelist, what mechanism is in place to add plugins to the whitelist by default in newer releases?
If no bug about that exists, should one be filed based on stats gained from showing a rank of the most installed plugins?
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