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Email add-on to a friend feature


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Attached image Email this flyout modal (obsolete) —
Here's the design for the flyout modal window - the interaction here is identical to the "share this" widget. Hitting cancel closes the modal.

After the user hits "send", a success message overlays the email this form, and then the modal disappears after 2-3 seconds - see email-this-success.png
Here's what the email recipient receives if they have HTML email enabled. If there is a custom message, the centre area that shows the add-on description is replaced by that.
Hi Neil,

Sorry to drop this on you but we've decided to combine the flyout modal into the share this widget- so "email this add-on" appears as an additional option.  Adding complexity to this is that logged out users should see the option but get a note "Please log in to email this add-on" instead of the full UI of the widget.  Can we get another rev?

Also, upon further reflection, we're dumping HTML email from the spec.
Attached image Error messaging
Attached image Email this add-on flow
Here's the flow for the share this widget, which points out the interaction flow and various states.
Rejigged email this panel with resized text field to accommodate error messaging.
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Perfect.  Thank you.
reassigning to clouserw for assignment.
Assignee: neilio → clouserw
Assignee: clouserw → fwenzel
Attached patch Patch, rev. 1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Not sure why we needed to introduce sub-features like ajax login for this, but here you go.

It's huge, but hopefully easy to grasp. Each of the two emails exists as HTML and non-HTML variant.
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Patch, rev. 1

You're right, the mockups do introduce the ajax log-in which is not in the spec and which shouldn't be there.  Additionally, we're not doing the HTML emails due to image blocking in every major email client.  Sorry for not catching these sooner.  For everyone:  Mockups should not deviate from the spec without cited reasoning so please say something if you notice it.  In this case it slipped through.

Due to the number of changes in this patch please upload a new patch without HTML email and without the ajax log-in.  If a user is logged out and clicks on the email link it can just be a link that says "Log in to email this add-on to a friend"

I'm not exactly sure how we'd handle this without the ajax login, if you want everything within the widget itself. If we want to jump to a completely separate page, it'd work, but not integrated into the widget itself.
Nick, can you clarify how you want this to work? If the user is logged in, the email can happen within the widget, but I don't see how we'd bring the user back to the widget post-log in without making the process really confusing.
if we make it a login link, it'll take you to the login page, and transport you back to the addon page, where you would need to click the "share this" link again.

I'm also missing where the HTML format was dropped here or in the spec, but I can remove that. clouserw is right that it will only be shown correctly on request, and gmail won't show backgrounds etc at all.
Over to Nick. Please throw it back when the specs are clear.
Assignee: fwenzel → nnguyen
All right, talked to clouserw. Will remove HTML mail and AJAX login, then submit a new patch.
Assignee: nnguyen → fwenzel
Attached patch Patch, rev. 2Splinter Review
This is the patch with half the fun stuff removed.
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Patch, rev. 2

This is awesome, thanks.
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Just in case we want to look at any of this again in the future, I made the big patch an intermediary revision: r62072, followed by the fix: r62073.
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Hooray, no HTML email and AJAX login is correct.  Once [z] is ready we'll put AJAX login back in, with a new bug.
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