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Add hAtom and h-entry support


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It would be great if Firefox supported the hAtom microformat [1] with the same level of support it has for Atom feeds. That is, for instance, if a HTML page has hAtom content, it should be listed as one of the feeds that show up when clicking the RSS icon in the URL bar. It should also be possible to create a Live Bookmark that points to a web page with hAtom content.

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Hardware: x86 → All
Add h-entry to this as the modern update to hAtom - and we get both if we can use the mf2 parser that is awaiting landing in bug #1037483. Taking the liberty of making this bug depend on 1037483 because that is the most efficient way to implement this feature properly.
Depends on: 1037483
Summary: Add hAtom support → Add hAtom and h-entry support
new parser has this
Closed: 9 years ago
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Re-opening. The new microformats2 parser that landed and shipped does support parsing h-entry and hAtom, which is necessary but not sufficient for this bug per Atul's opening description (e.g. "same level of support it has for Atom feeds").

E.g. go and Choose "Tools" / "Page Info" menu item, click "Feeds" tab.

Currently it only shows one feed "Atom".

It should show two feeds, the second being "h-feed" (the container for a collection of h-entry elements).

Similarly go and the Feeds list should show an "h-entry" option since it only has a collection of h-entry elements (which is fine).

This bug is about hooking up those UI level features to the new microformats2 parser to make sure h-feed/h-entry and hAtom show up in those feed options (Page Info, Live Bookmark, etc.)
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Per policy at If this bug is not an enhancement request or a bug not present in a supported release of Firefox, then it may be reopened.
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