Saving mail in text format breaks formatting of the saved file by inserting line break between header and its value



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I've noticed that if I save the an email using "Other options->Save As" option, even though I select Format-> Plain Text, the file gets saved with a .eml extension. No a big deal. But when I open that saved email using Notepad or Wordpad, the formatting is all screwed up. See attached screen shot for actual details.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open an email
2. Go to Other actions->Save As
3. Select Plain text format
4. Save the file
5. Open using Notepad or Wordpad. Formatting is all over the place.
Actual Results:  
Formatting of the saved message is all over the place see attached screen shot.

Expected Results:  
Formatting should not be broken.

This is what it looks like in real. See attached screen shot for exact output:

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Using Save As function in TB 3.0.1

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Actual output of the saved message after viewing in Notepad
What exactly is wrong with the formatting? It looks like some or all header lines are hard-wrapped after their header-colon pairs, but that's all I can see right now. Could you elaborate a little? Perhaps you could attach another screenshot with circles around the places with broken formatting.

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The hard wrapping is the actual problem as seen in the attached screen shot. This makes the Save As function pretty much useless IMHO.

I hate to mention other email clients, but I've tested the same with Outlook 2007 and Pine/Alpine and both do not show this problem. I'm attaching a screen shot from Outlook where I performed the exact same function of opening a message and doing a Save As and saving it as a .txt file. When I open that file via Notepad, no such hard-wrapping at all. This to me proves that Save As feature in TB 3.0.1 is broken.

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As you can see the same steps performed in Outlook. The saved file as viewed in notepad with no hard-wrapping at all
Confirming, setting summary to avoid repetition of my own confusion. Component is uncertain, though.
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Summary: TB 3.0.1: Saving mail in text format breaks formatting of the saved file → Saving mail in text format breaks formatting of the saved file by inserting line break between header and its value
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This is not a pretty bug, but if it were the last bug standing, I don't think we would let this keep 3.1 from going out the door, given what I know now.  It is a crummy failure mode, so adding wanted+.

However, that might change if this is a regression from either 3.0 or 2.0.0.x.  Is it?  If so, please renominate, and also add the regressionwindow-wanted keyword.
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