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We need code to detect and handle Google Apps.


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Their configurations are specific, and used in many domains which we don't currently autodetect particularly well.
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In which ways specific?

Can't we just do DNS MX on the domain, notice that is MX, and then do a lookup on, i.e. the generic custom domain algo?
I've heard from some Google Apps users that it's a little more complicated than that, but I don't have the details at hand.

(And even if it is that simple, we can probably shortcut it by just returning the gmail config if we see that is the MX.)
I'd like to avoid any provider-specific hacks.
I would normally like to avoid provider-specific hacks, but if the provider is large enough, I think it might be in our best interest to have some.  (I'ld also like everyone to use IMAP over SSL, and some sort of spam-proof version of SMTP, but I don't rule the world quite yet.  ;)

Finally, keep in mind that this code would be living off in a separate process somewhere, and wouldn't clutter either the ISPDB, or the autoconfig code bases.
Do you have an example domain for Google apps?
I've heard that uses Google Apps for their domain.
Thanks. dig mx                258     IN      MX      5                258     IN      MX      5                258     IN      MX      10                258     IN      MX      10                258     IN      MX      10                258     IN      MX      1

So, our generic DNX MX algo should work for it. I don't see any need to special-case Google Apps.
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