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Crash [@ avgxpl.dll@0x23a74 ]


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(Reporter: smaug, Assigned: greg.mosher)


(Keywords: topcrash, Whiteboard: [crashkill][crashkill-outreach] [crashkill-thirdparty][explosive])

Crash Data


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Seems like there is a (new?) top crasher.
It is somehow related to AVG.
Is this an oopp issue, possibly?
My mistake, I should have said that this is a new 1.9.1.x crasher
Version: Trunk → 1.9.1 Branch
And also
dolske has had some contact with avg over on bug 519340.
happens pretty close to startup.

1246 total crashes for avgxpl.dll@0x23a74 on 20100220-crashdata.csv
990 start up crashes inside 30 seconds of startup
1087 start up crashes inside 3 minutes of startup

looks like it blew up a day after to the release of 3.0.18 3.5.8 last week, 
but that might be coincidence since it also seems to be hitting 3.6 in high
volume too.  maybe an update to avg happened around the same time. 

date               avgxpl.dll@0x23a74crashes
20100215-crashdata 1 avgxpl.dll@0x23a74
20100216-crashdata 0 avgxpl.dll@0x23a74
20100217-crashdata 0 avgxpl.dll@0x23a74
20100218-crashdata 3178 avgxpl.dll@0x23a74
20100219-crashdata 2416 avgxpl.dll@0x23a74
20100220-crashdata 1246 avgxpl.dll@0x23a74

checking --- 20100218-crashdata.csv avgxpl.dll@0x23a74
release total-crashes
              avgxpl.dll@0x23a74 crashes
all     260226  3178    0.0122125
3.0.15  1147    29      0.0252833
3.0.16  484     18      0.0371901
3.0.17  10576   349     0.0329992
3.0.18  5315    196     0.0368768
3.5.5   3143    23      0.00731785
3.5.6   1777    40      0.0225098
3.5.7   77424   1230    0.0158865
3.5.8   37178   577     0.0155199
3.6     92031   487     0.0052917
Whiteboard: [crashkill][crashkill-outreach] [crashkill-thirdparty]
we also had some lower volume crashes in that .dll before this blowup but they look less connected to start up and might not have anything to do with this particular crash.  if we get a hold of a contact we could ask them about crashes at these addresses.

avgxpl.dll signature breakdown
signature distribution
signature list
  31 avgxpl.dll@0x39db5
  17 avgxpl.dll@0x3a15f
   5 avgxpl.dll@0x58fe
   2 avgxpl.dll@0x395e
   1 operator new(unsigned int) | avgxpl.dll@0x39c2
   1 avgxpl.dll@0xf000
   1 avgxpl.dll@0xdd46e
   1 avgxpl.dll@0xa8a5
   1 avgxpl.dll@0xa3b7
   1 avgxpl.dll@0x4115f
   1 avgxpl.dll@0x3b872
   1 avgxpl.dll@0x31062
   1 avgxpl.dll@0x23e91

Correlation to startup or time of session
64 total crashes for avgxpl.dll on 20100217-crashdata.csv
18 start up crashes inside 30 seconds of startup
34 start up crashes inside 3 minutes of startup
Whiteboard: [crashkill][crashkill-outreach] [crashkill-thirdparty] → [crashkill][crashkill-outreach] [crashkill-thirdparty][explosive]
this signature has a very unusual pattern.  The problem basically went away with under 10 crashes per day (and many days with no crashes) between March 5 and April 13. But on April 14th it now has returned with high volume.

In the data from the 4000 crashes yesterday it appears to be happening across a wide set of Firefox releases

checking --- avgxpl.dll@0x23a74 20100420-crashdata.csv
found in: 3.6.3 3.5.9 3.0.19 3.6 3.5.8 3.0.18 3.5.7 3.5.6 3.0.10 3.5.3 3.6.2 3.5.5 3.0.5 3.0.17 3.5.2 3.5 3.0.15 3.0.11 3.0.1 3.0 3.0.3 3.6b3 3.0.8 3.0.4 3.0.14 3.0.6 3.0.13 3.
0.16 3.0.12 3.6.4 3.5.4 3.1b3 3.0b1 3.0a7 3.0.2 3.6b5 3.5b99 3.5.1 3.0b3 3.5b4 3.0.7

os distribution looks pretty close to normal based on number of users on each windows release, with a slight increase on hitting winXP more than windows7

os breakdown
avgxpl.dll@0x23a74Total 4279
Win5.1  0.64
Win6.0  0.36
Win6.1  0.01

It now appears to be closely related to start up.

Correlation to startup or time of session
4279 total crashes for avgxpl.dll@0x23a74 on 20100420-crashdata.csv
3609 start up crashes inside 30 seconds of startup
3870 start up crashes inside 3 minutes of startup

Are their release updates/changes on the AVG side that would help to explain this pattern?
some user comments from the 20th

it will not open up firefox or internet explorer dont know what is wrong with and need to check my emails it wont even let me look at them so if u send me an email i wont get it 

please phone me with details of what i can do as cannot acess internet what so ever

looks like maybe two of these reports from the same person with this information

,personas@christopher.beard:1.5,{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}:3.0.19 | 
BuildID: 2010
031422 | CrashTime: 1271811565 | Email: | InstallTime: 1270063805 | ProductName: Firefox | SecondsSinceLastCrash: 431 | StartupTime: 1271811561 | Theme: c
lassic/1.0 | URL:  | Vendor: Mozilla | Version: 3.0.19 |  | This report also contains technical information about the state of the application when it crashed.
Assignee: nobody → prazak
My Firefox is 3.6.3 and I think I updated AVG in the morning (not sure because after I clicked on the update it didn't do anything, maybe it did in the background).  Sometime in the afternoon my Firefox browser began to crash.  First few times I could still get it to open, but it crashed when I tried to go to any websites, later I couldn't get it to open at all, it went straight to the crash report screen.  IE crashed too, but Chrome worked, so I used Chrome to search for solutions online.  I used two virus scan programs on my computer and restarted my computer twice, but problem still wasn't fixed.  Then I tried to open Firefox in Safe Mode and manually disabled the "AVG Safe Search" addon, now Firefox is working again.  

IE is still not working because I still need to find a way to disable the addons without opening the browser.
Hi Greg,  can you take a look at this one?
#2 topcrash on firefox 3.5.9 and seems to be rising of late.
This bug was fixed on 4/30 in the current 9.0 code base of AVG.  It is scheduled to be released in an early June update.  This has not been fixed in the older 8.5 code base, but if you are seeing a number of those then may need to back port the fix there as well.
Assignee: prazak → greg.mosher
Fixed as internal AVG bug #47983.  Scheduled to be released in the next version 9 update the week of May 17th.
Assignee: greg.mosher → nobody
Closed: 12 years ago
Component: General → Plug-ins
QA Contact: general → plugins
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Assignee: nobody → greg.mosher
Component: Plug-ins → AVG AV
Product: Core → Plugins
Version: 1.9.1 Branch → 9.x
Crash Signature: [@ avgxpl.dll@0x23a74 ]
Product: Plugins → Plugins Graveyard
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