Mail account set up doesn't work for ISPs with multiple settings



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9 years ago
ISP feedback:

We have added our info to the account database. But we have multiple entries. So this could cause a problem. Here is an example. We are very strict on settings per network, so here is what we have.

Dialup & Sat
pop3 :
Port 25
We trust our own IPs so we do not do SSL.

pop3 :
Port 25
Again we trust our own IPs so we do not do SSL.

pop3 :
Port 587 w/TLS

So you can see the problem with autoconfig. This is why the hooks where great. People would just select what service they use and we would pass the right settings.

So it would be nice to see hooks come back or make the autoconfig an option. Also not sure if it is Godaddy, but TB3 hates our Cert. It clams it is revoked. The only way around this is to disable OCSP.

I have it to where a custom install skips the autoconfig and launchs the hooks, but it seems that TB3 does not build (Full name, Email, and SMTP right) But the hooks work great under TB2.

I see how the autoconfig is great for a single mail server setup. But we have multiple mail server.


9 years ago
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Can you raise a second bug for the cert issue, and we'll need some certs from them so they can be analysed.
Since bug 534722 is blocking, it sounds like once that patch lands, this bug should be easy to fix by having the ISP serve up different content depending on where the request comes from.  Blocking- for now, based on the assumption that that's correct.  Rafael, have you heard this request from more than one ISP?  Can you bounce this theory off the folks you are talking to and renominate if they disagree that it's workable?
blocking-thunderbird3.1: ? → -
Depends on: 534722
1. What this ISP wants is bad for users, because they cannot take their notebook from home (connected to ISP) to office (connected from elsewhere on the Internet) or a WLAN hotspot. The config will break, and users will be really confused, often not even realize *why* it fails, we really don't want that.

> Dialup & Sat
> We trust our own IPs so we do not do SSL.

I question whether they can really trust the Sat and Dialup network 100% to do plaintext passwords / communication.

> TB3 hates our Cert. It clams it is revoked

There was probably a good reason, as TB uses the same lib as Firefox.
-> clueless ISP

Last but not least, if this ISP really wants to, it can (now) do what it wants, as dmose pointed out in comment 2.

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