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Support WinMo release updates


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Windows Mobile 6 Professional


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Bug 507024 is the nightly equivalent of this bug.
The URL we decided to use is

The differences from Firefox's URL are just after the 3/ 
* %APP_ID% instead of %PRODUCT%

I've done some investigation of what we'll need to modify in the chain of patcher config generation/bumping, update generation, and post-processing. The best way forward is going to be specify the plain Fennec version when calling to patcher-config-{creator,bump}.pl and leave out the 1.9.x.y platform version. And after snippets are generated we should just do a rename operation, eg
To support this we'll need 
 * an extra parameter in the release config to specify the milestone of the previous release
 * to modify ReleaseUpdatesFactory to take that param optionally, and rename each aus2 dir when it's 'not None'
 * we would just pass the value for the Mobile updates builder

We could take the same renaming approach with APP_ID, which is {a23983c0-fd0e-11dc-95ff-0800200c9a66} for mobile. However we might be moving the GUIDs for other apps in bug 540007, in which case generating directly into the snippet store requires setting the product to the APP_ID in the patcher config. I didn't look at what patcher-config-{creator,bump}.pl will do with the APP_ID, that needs testing. For generating partials we'd need to update decode_filename at
Doesn't look like we're using the 'product' match anywhere so that's pretty trival change to allow {}, just needs to land on m-c and m-1.9.2. We also need to find out if we need to add the APP_ID to the release config, and how to pass it to the patcher config scripts and patcher itself. The requirement is using --brand='{a23983c0-fd0e-11dc-95ff-0800200c9a66}' when invoking patcher, once you've used that in the patcher config.
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