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[d2d] Very slow rendering and very slow scrolling on


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Windows 7
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Load in the same tab.  It takes quite a while for the page to be displayed and then scrolling on the page is very, very slow.
Not reproducing for me. I wonder, what kind of graphics card and which driver version do you have? Perhaps I've been a bit enthusiastic in giving some DX 9 cards access to the D2D code. They might have some presentation issues or something. Considering your other 'rendering in one go' issue.

Also, I wonder if we should really use the regression keyword - It might make it more difficult to track real regressions (i.e. people not purposefully enabling experimental rendering modes and experiencing regressions?). Then again, I have no idea how else to mark regressions when running D2D.
Keywords: perf
Windows 7
NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M

I'm not sure or in the position to decide about the regression keyword but I added it for these bugs because this is a regression from previously having no issues that a new feature introduced.
I can't reproduce this issue here. Win 7 Pro x64, ATI 5870 with latest Catalyst 10.2 drivers. The GeForce 7150M is not a DX10 card, so it could be that fact alone. I believe that Windows 7 allows DX9 cards to emulate some DX10 features, but it's definitely not fast.
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Summary: Very slow rendering and very slow scrolling on → [d2d] Very slow rendering and very slow scrolling on
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No where close to being reduced yet.
I can reproduce the problem on my DX9 nvidia card as well
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Can you guys try this test case out?
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Works fine on my laptop DX 10 card.
I too was having sluggish scrolling under Windows 7 x64.  While it was sluggish before d2/dw it became worse when i turned them on. After trying to figure out the cause I finally was able to fix it on my system.  All I had to do was unlock the W7 Taskbar! I keep mine on the bottom and I autohide it.

Other little things that didn't work with it locked now work. Not a guarantee but it worked for me. 

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Can't reproduce it on 8400GS. I think this is fault of DX9 graphic card.
Since D2D is not working (or it should not work) with DX9 cards.
Even I on a low budget graphic card can run D2D pretty good.
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I'm attaching two test cases.  The first has a huge .png file that is 4093 pixels long.  This image does not cause a long page load or slow down scrolling.  The second test case will have an image that is 4097 pixels long and it dramatically slows down page load and scrolling is almost non-existent.

4096 pixels is the max texture size on DX9 cards whereas DX10 cards is 8192 (Per Bas)
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Bas, the fix that we talked about on IRC a few weeks ago, would that just be a small couple liner patch to up the values?
Yahoo looks much better now that bug 551350 landed in the latest hourly.
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