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File association icon is set to generic


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Windows XP
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The installer for SeaMonkey 2.x seems to set the default icon for .html, .htm and .shtml files to be the generic Windows file icon. Other SM file type, such as .eml files, get the icon that looks like a piece of paper with the top right corner folded and the SM logo on it.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install or update SM 2.x
2. Look for .html file and check icon
Actual Results:  
The .html file may have a generic Windows icon.

Expected Results:  
The file should have a SM document icon.

I've figured out why the icon is displayed incorrectly. As far as I can tell, the installer uses the registry key 


to store the icon information, specifically in the ShellEx subkey. Whenever I delete the ShellEx subkey, and then log out and  log in again, the affected files have the correct document icon.

I did this a couple of weeks ago. I'm using the 2.0.4pre nightly builds, which I update every day or two. The correct icon stayed in place until a couple of days ago, but I never log out of my PC. The icon got reset to the generic one after the Tuesday Windows update restarted my PC. I reset the icon again. After updating the SM nightly today, I logged out of my PC and back in again. So far the icon is still the correct one. So, it appears that some SM updates will reset the icon, but others don't.

This is happening for other SM users, some of whom use release builds, not nightly builds. See for additional information.
Confirming per mozillazine link.
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Keywords: regression
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We won't block a release on this minor glitch, but we'd accept a patch. Frank might know how to correctly fix this problem.
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Andy: What keys/values can be found in that ShellEx subkey?

Related: Bug 507896
It contained only one key, which I'm pretty sure was IconHandler. Unfortunately I didn't keep a record of what the value was. I'm guessing that since I had deleted the ShellEx subkey and then it returned, the installer must occasionally put the subkey back. I've tried updating the 2.0.4pre nightly the last couple of days, and then looked in the Windows registry, but so far it hasn't returned. All I can tell you is that about February 25 I deleted the ShellEx key and sometime between then and March 9 the key returned. I'll keep watching for it whenever I run the SM update, which is just about every day.
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In the Windows registry SeaMonkey does not set during installation

...\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\...\Old Icon\SeaMonkeyHTML\DefaultIco
...\HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\...\Old Icon\SeaMonkeyHTML\DefaultIco

the key to "C:\...\SeaMonkey\chrome\icons\default\html-file.ico,0"

I can see the right SeaMonkey .html icon in windows explorer after setting the above key manually.

Maybe also the following one needs to be removed or changed, too:
...\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\...\Old Icon\MozillaHTML\DefaultIco
...\HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\...\Old Icon\MozillaHTML\DefaultIco
DefaultIco should be DefaultIcon (typo in last comment):
(In reply to comment #3)
> Andy: What keys/values can be found in that ShellEx subkey?

This problem didn't return for a long time, but I just noticed today that the icon showing for .html files had reverted to the generic Windows one. The ShellEx subkey is back. Here's an export from the registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Here are other instances where the same value appears.



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved]
"{42042206-2D85-11D3-8CFF-005004838597}"="Microsoft Office HTML Icon Handler"

I dug up a little information on Microsoft Office HTML Icon Handler. Apparently there's a bug in WinXP. See these for additional information.!8B65F3DE0BE797AA!219.entry

So the only question is, why does the ShellEx subkey keep coming back after I delete it? Is the SeaMonkey updater doing it, or is it something in Windows?
Oops, I meant to put this one at the top of the registry export.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

I ran into this issue after the initial upgrade from 1.1.18 to 2.0 on WinXP. Running 2.0.4, I've removed the ShellEx registry subkey as proposed by Andy.

Now I've updated to 2.0.5, where the entry didn't reappear and I still see the correct SeaMonkey icon for .html files. This was a partial update (betatest).
Mcsmurf, I presume that this is fixed in SeaMonkey 2.1?
> Mcsmurf, I presume that this is fixed in SeaMonkey 2.1?
Apparently not.
Attached patch Patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This adds an icon index as under some circumstances Windows seems to have problems when no icon index is given.
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Weird... but I can confirm that on a PC with SeaMonkey and Office 2003, the latter installs something in the registry that overrides the default icon, and patching its copy of the above registry entry already started making the correct icon appear in property dialogs and new shortcuts.

I notice that Netscape 7.2 isn't affected because it always uses ,0 too.

Can we do EML files as well, just for consistency? Thanks.
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SeaMonkey only, fixes icons used in Windows for HTML and .eml files.
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Patch for checkin

Approval for SeaMonkey 2.5 only, (2.4 has left the station).
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