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Provide a common head for Places xpcshell-tests


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Unify common tools into a single head files, and stop being lazy.
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As discussed on IRC, i don't think these tests changes are going to need deep review.  This one is the basic infrastructure, next ones would just be cleanups and var/svc replacements.

The idea here is that we have a head_common.js script in toolkit/components/places/tests/ all the other head_xxx.js files import this common head, and then define specific methods/vars for that specific test folder.
browser tests head also import this file.

head_common.js has Services, XPCOMUTils, NetUtil, a PlacesServices object with lazy getters for our services, and some utils.
in future we'll probably add PlacesUtils and PlacesUIUtils getters, and other common code.

I tried to scope all of the possible, so that variables conflicts are hard.

Will trypush all changes before going to m-c
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tryserver said green
hm, i'm actually thinking if would make sense to kill PlacesServices, add missing getters to PlacesUtils, and use PlacesUtils everywhere instead. Would create better examples for third party implementers looking at tests.
yeah. i'll do that, and will ask review for PU changes.
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Using PlacesUtils!

asking review on PlacesUtils changes and head_common.js setup
other changes are merely name substitutions for now.
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patch v1.1

looks good, thanks for doing this. r=me.
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