Password manager loses focus when entering multiple passwords.



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Build Identifier: 3.0.4

I have several email accounts that Tbird checks when it starts. Of course the password manager asks for the passwords for all of them at the start. In TB2 I type the password and press ENTER then am asked for the next password. With TB3, the Password window loses focus and I have to click on it before I can enter the next password, though the prompt does change to the name of the next email account.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Need at least two email accounts that are to be polled at startup
2.Need email accounts/TBird set to ask for passwords, ie  NOT set to remember passwords.
3.Start TBird 3.0.4
Actual Results:  
I just retested the program and made some very careful observations.

Password manager creates one box, with the account name as the prompt, to accept the password FOR EACH ACCOUNT at the beginning. These boxes are stacked on top of each other so give the impression that only one box is involved and is reused. When a password is entered in the top box, it is closed, exposing the next box in the stack. But the next box does not have the focus, so it must to clicked on so that it gains the focus before the next password can be entered (The TAB key does not seem able to move the focus back to the password manager box). All the while, the main frame of TBird is flashing -- very annoying.

Expected Results:  
Once a password is entered, the focus should change to the next password manager box in the stack. Only when there are no more such boxes should the focus default to elsewhere. And get rid of the flashing frame.

The Theme was the default.

Not relevant to this bug but relevant to filling out this report: The Thunderbird About window should be changed to allow its contents to be copied. I had to copy the version by hand. If a build number is relevant to this product, it does not appear in the About window.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 338549
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