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Work items to enable versioning in AVM shell


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To support bug compatibility, and to fix sundry bugs, we need to enable API versioning in AVM core code and in the VM shell generally.  That means dealing with some work items we've put off:

- API versioning is always enabled in the shell, the stuff in
  goes away.

- (and any other AS file that uses versioning) must include, but that file currently lives in the flash player code,
  so we need to have a copy in the core code, and it should not be in 
  the shell/ directory

- The file should be generated by the script,
  probably - the version in flash is hand-hacked but there's no reason for
  it to be that.

- We should pow-wow with the Flash people to agree on where the .xml input
  file and the .h and .as output files live, ie, whether the Flash player
  copies the stuff from Tamarin or vice versa.  Some precedent for the former
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Does the following:

 - Removes the AVMFEATURE for shell versioning; we assume it's on.  Cleans
   up the #includes for the various files
 - Removes noapi-versions.* from shell/
 - Moves api-versions.* from shell/ to core/
 - Adds in core/ because it's silly not to have it there
 - Makes generate
 - Makes compute the highest non-SYS version because the shell
   needs it to get default verioning right
 - Adds modelines to, and changes tabs to spaces

(If the patch is big it's because I moved a bunch of files and fixed spaces/tabs in the script, not because these change were momentous.)
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Action item on interacting with the Player team moved to bug #560756.
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