Closed Bug 561368 (interp_jit_semantics) Opened 10 years ago Closed Last year

Interpreter and JIT execution semantics must be identical


(Tamarin Graveyard :: Baseline JIT (CodegenLIR), defect, P2)



(Not tracked)

Q2 12 - Cyril


(Reporter: edwsmith, Assigned: wmaddox)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: Tracking)

Tracking bug.

Interpreter (wordcode and abc) and JIT (debugger or non, with any combination of optimization modes or runmodes) must always behave identically, except for performance/memory/stack use.

Unfortunately, this is currently not the case, and must be fixed before we can employ any execution policies that dynamically switch between modes.
Depends on: 456852
Blocks: 538185
Blocks: OSR
Depends on: 551587
Flags: flashplayer-qrb+
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: --- → flash10.2
Depends on: 548583
Whiteboard: Tracking
Depends on: 570049
Target Milestone: flash10.x - Serrano → flash10.2.x-Spicy
Adding Dan Sc.

All skips and expected failures for interp in testconfig must be scrutunized to see if there are other bugs that belong in the depends list.
I verified the skips and expected failures in testconfig.txt.  Only bugs 456852 and 551587 show differences between jit and interp in the acceptance tests.  The other skips and expected failures are for other reasons.
Depends on: 615544
No longer depends on: 570049
Depends on: 620403
Depends on: 620424
Depends on: 623746
Target Milestone: flash10.2.x-Spicy → flash10.x-Wasabi
Assignee: nobody → wmaddox
Depends on: 628834
OSR for all platforms isn't happening until Nigel, so this moves out too.
Target Milestone: flash10.x-Wasabi → flash11-Nigel
Depends on: 642535
No longer depends on: 642535
Depends on: 642535
Depends on: 648029
Depends on: 658677
Flags: flashplayer-bug-
Target Milestone: Q1 12 - Brannan → Q2 12 - Cyril
Alias: interp_jit_semantics
Depends on: 645164
Depends on: 687338
Depends on: 689882
Blocks: 741033
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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