When offered what to do with this attachment file, under "What should Thunderbird do with this file", and Open with is checked (as with CorelDraw defalult). the "do this automatically" option is not available



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When wanting to save a file that is attached and clicking on Save As one gets the "you have chosen to open"... box.  "Open with" is checked (in this case happens to be CorelDraw defalult).  But the option below that which says", Do this automatically for files like this from now on" option is not active or available to check. It's a hassle to always have to click ok.  Have tried to find a setting to do this but can't find one.

Reproducible: Always
This option is disabled if the mime type is application/octet-stream.
The decisions about helper applications are done based on the mime-type and not by the extensions of the files (security reasons).

Which mime-type did the sender used in the email ?
(look in the email source, ctrl+u)

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8 years ago
offhand this doesn't sound like a thunderbird issue. 
please attach testcase message as suggested in comment 1.
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5 years ago
same problem in my browser (Waterfox on Win7)

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5 years ago
text transfer from bug 57342 :
i am using Waterfox 24.0 (64 bit build version of firefox) on Windows 7 x86 64 bits.

when visiting this page: http://software-dl.ti.com/dsps/dsps_public_sw/sdo_sb/targetcontent/tirtos/1_10_00_23/index_FDS.html
(might require a free account to view or download)
and downloading the windows version (*.exe) of the file set
then i can select any option for opening or saving including the "remember my decision" option.

but when going for the linux version i only get offered two options: open with an application (default here is VLC) or download but the "remember" button is grayed out.

for my impression the browser should be able to remember decisions for explicitly html/mime tagged file formats as already realized. but for for non-tagged or "wildcard"-tagged files and it shall be check for the file name extension (or absence of such an extension - this happens more often than you would think) and decide based upon that extension. so the browser needs not only a mime type default action configuration database/listing but an extension based handling if mime type is not that useable. maybe even the user can pass down certain mime types to the extension based treatment. thus the mime type layer should see a new option: "handle by file extension".

@Sergio - thats a nice proposal in that area. i can support that. its all about options.

BTW i think the dialog does not mention the mime type so i am a bit lost in diagnostics for that my faulty cases using purely the browser. the dialog should mention the mime-type he asks me about.

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5 years ago
Created attachment 8338486 [details]
screenshot of browser file reception dialog that has a grayed out "remember" item
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