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Add Camino changeset information to the hourly/nightly build sourcestamp file


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Bug 549958 is going to rework the nightly/hourly sourcestamp files to allow multi-repo apps to supply their changesets in the file, too.  Since I used Camino to test my changes there, I have our patch all ready, too.

We pull all the values from the "cache files" we create during the build (from bug 562863); since the installer target is always run with the objdir's Makefile, we can just use ../ to get the files from $objdir/generated and $objdir/config.

We need to "reset" the MOZ_SOURCESTAMP_FILE filename because the Core target defines it as "$(DIST)/$(PKG_PATH)/$(MOZ_PKG_BASENAME).txt" (where MOZ_PKG_BASENAME is something like "firefox-3.7a1pre.en-US.mac") and we've previously overridden MOZ_PKG_BASENAME to not give us sucky .dmg names like that.  With the override, we now end up with something like "camino-2.1a1pre.txt", which looks sort-of like the other MOZ_SOURCESTAMP_FILE filenames (minus the sucky/redundant parts that would never change for us).

Finally, there's the target that runs for us after it runs its own version of the target and puts the build ID and Gecko changeset into the file.

I'll request review once the Core patch is in, in case there are any changes required.
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Now that bug 549958 has branch approval, this is the previous patch, refreshed slightly.

This produces $dist/camino-2.1a2pre.txt, whose contents are


(the first two lines produced by Core, the latter appended by us), which means we can finally see at-a-glance the Camino changest and version number of any given build before downloading :D
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One of the disadvantages of renaming the file to have a more-useful name is that there's no built-in cleanup for latest-* folders on ftp.m.o, so every time we change milestones, we'll have a stray "camino-2.1previousmilestone.txt" file that has to be removed manually.

I'm not sure if that's worth changing back over, or if we can fix madhatter (tell it to attempt--since new folders, e.g. releases, won't have one--to delete *.txt in latest-foo before copying?[1]), or what, but I wanted to note it for the record.

[1] Somewhere in the ReleaseToLatest block of
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