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Excessive Line Wrapping at 1024x768


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When browsing at 1024x768, several highly visible components on AMO are too wide to fit on a single line, and are wrapping in very sloppy ways (see attached screenshot).

Users browsing at 1024x768 still represent a significant portion of the population (see, and with the rise of netbooks, this number is not diminishing.

Several of the most visible problem are also trivial fixes:

* In the promo, reduce the space between labels (i.e. Introduction, Shopping, Sports, ...).

* In the add-on directories, reduce space between the filtering/sorting options (i.e. Featured, Popular, ...).

* For add-on entries, remove the word 'reviews', use a more compact date format (e.g. YYYY/MM/DD), use an icon rather than 'weekly downloads', and remove the left margin around the description and metadata. (okay, maybe this wasn't trivial)
A piece of Russian text in "What are Add-ons?" doesn't fit. It doesn't seem to be possible to shorten it enough to fit without loss of the sense and style.
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In the examples I cited above, the wrapping occurred not because a string was too long, but because there was excessive whitespace between several page elements. Eliminating these would be a trivial change, have no adverse effect on style or usability, and would make the page look more polished. This clearly won't address the problem for all locales, but it is an easy win for quite a few of them.
We're using [amotestday] to denote bugs which come from the testday (not just ones we've re-confirmed).
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CSS fixes for most of the problems mentioned above:
Assignee: nobody → chowse
Target Milestone: --- → 5.11.1
Is this bug done?  If so, can we close it?
Needs a pull into master. Jeff?
Assignee: chowse → jbalogh
Assignee: jbalogh → chowse
Closed: 11 years ago
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> Created an attachment (id=445387) [details]
> A piece of Russian text in "What are Add-ons?" doesn't fit.

Filed as bug 570673.
We didn't do the last suggestion mentioned in comment 0; are we OK with that?  The rest looks good...
I'm fine w/ punting on that. It's a much more complex change, and the line wrapping in the entry block looks less orphaned than the other cases.
Verified FIXED running 1024x768 on preview.AMO
Product: → Graveyard
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