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Add 10.6 and Linux 64-bit slaves to the try server


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Once they are moved to the right network and renamed their names we will have to:
* remove production keys
* clobber the builders' checkouts
* make changes for puppet
* patches for adding these slaves to the try pool
* add the try keys
Whiteboard: [10.6][try-server]
Depends on: 567179
Status update:
* try-mac64 slaves have been moved to the build network
* keys have been removed
* keys from try-mac-slave01 have been scp'ed
* checkout dirs on /builds/slave have been clobbered
* I have hooked them up into the try staging master

lsblakk they are now building. I will check how the builds finish.
The only difference compared to the other platforms is that we have to specify for the try server to run the opt unit tests.
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add try mac64 slaves into production

yay for try on mac 64 bit!
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add the try mac 64 bit machines to the puppet manifests
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I am doing one more clean run on staging to make sure that there was nothing local.
It has worked but I want to make sure.

FTR I have change ownership of staging-stage:/home/ftp/pub/ to the trybld user.
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ad try 64-bit builds machines

Looks good. Thanks for adding the TRY_SLAVES to staging configs.
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ad try 64-bit builds machines

Master re-configured. Moving the slaves to production.
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Priority: P3 → P2
Summary: Prepare 10.6 repurposed machines for the try server → Add 10.6 and Linux 64-bit slaves to the try server
try-mac64-slave{01-10} and try-linux64-slave{01-05} are now on production.
I will watch over the day to see how they are behaving.
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This is working.
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Whiteboard: [10.6][try-server] → [10.6][try-server][linux64]
Blocks: 570781
Attached patch Remove old slaves from prod pool (obsolete) — Splinter Review
moz2-darwin10-slave30 through 39 where the machines repurposed for this bug. Lets remove them from the prod config.
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Remove old slaves from prod pool

On second thought I'm going to file a new bug for several of these.
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OK. Thanks!
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