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uncaught exception: Empty rectangles do not have centers when going Next/Previous to display: none form elements with form helper


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Fennec 1.1
Windows 7
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Make sure you have the javascript.options.showInConsole pref set to true and the browser.console.showInPanel set to true in about:config.

To reproduce, in the testcase, focus the first multiple select. Both selects will disappear on focus (still, the form helper comes up (this might be a bug in itself)).
Now, just click on the Next and Previous buttons a few times.

You will get these errors in the error console:
uncaught exception: Empty rectangles do not have centers

The form helper could probably be a bit smarter of when to show up (like don't show up when a form element disappears on focusing). It would defeat the testcase, that I attached, but there are probably other cases where this javascript error will occur.
FormHelper._getRectForElement is returning an empty rectangle since the element has been hidden:

Do we want to rescan for valid elements everytime we jump next or prev? Could be a speed regression. We could just do a check for visible and remove (or skip) the element. I suggest skipping because there might be other conditions where the element is not hidden. A radio button selection could change visible widgets for example.
It would already help, if the form helper first switches focus, before updating the form elements list, see bug 562223.
Whiteboard: rc1.1
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This patch prevent the error to show and update the button but did not change the actual behavior of fennec when dealing with a field that hide itself when clicking on it (which I don't think is a common behavior on the web).
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I think this is a good fix for dynamic widgets.

The current testcase hides a widget if it is focused, but I don't think that is realistic. I think hiding other widgets based on a change to the current widget is more realistic.
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