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8 years ago
let's make this better
When I rewrote the harness, I just preserved the existing "check-one" and "check-interactive" behavior. Ideas (or patches) are welcome.

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8 years ago
Just a couple of random things I keep running into:

- check-interactive stops in the shell, but requires you to attach a debugger via the pid
- if you attach to xpcshell with gdb, it kills the process (it sits in read_NOCANCEL or something like that, any signal sent to the process, i.e. "continue" from the debugger, will kill it)
- set paths are really hard to figure out, the test is run from objdir but the path with -C is relative to the source dir, so not even path completion works
- some tests require the dir they are in, others one up (i.e. "test"), others two up (i.e. "unit"). uber confusing

Here is what I would love to have:

make test_iteration.js

and it figures out where the test is located, and runs it under gdb. If something fails we drop straight into gdb. This is the predominant use for developers. An environment variable could be use to indicated scripted use (i.e. for tinderbox).
The tests on tinderbox aren't even run via make, so don't worry about that at all. Let's optimize the make targets for developer use.
Depends on: 579249
mach now makes this simple: ./mach xpcshell-test path/to/single/test.js
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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