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random "ASSERTION: Please remove this from the document properly" during crashtest


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The most common random assertion remaining during crashtest seems to be occurrences of "ASSERTION: Please remove this from the document properly".  There's on existing bug on this, bug 475132, but I'm filing this one separately for investigation of these random assertions.

I plan to land some debugging code to print information about the elements with this problem in the hopes that it will help us figure out the problem.

I suspect it could be due to a cycle collection unlink method that fails to call UnbindFromTree.
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My guess is that we're hitting one of the early returns (other than the first) in nsHTMLEditor::HideResizers / nsHTMLEditor::HideGrabber / nsHTMLEditor::HideInlineTableEditingUI ; likely either (a) the null-check on the pres shell or (b) the parent content / root (because nsEditor's Unlink clears mRootElement without calling the anonymous content clearing in ~nsHTMLEditor).
It seems to be the no pres shell case.
And it looks like the code is already able to handle a null pres shell so we should just be able to stop null-checking it.
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I think this should be fine; I just pushed it to try to make sure it doesn't do anything bad.
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(Some of the other early returns are also potentially scary, but they don't seem to be the present problem...)
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Makes sense to me.

Have you tried attachment 358544 [details] with this patch?
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I couldn't reproduce this assertion on that attachment without the patch... so I hadn't.  But I checked that I still see the other three assertions even with this patch (though not all the time).
Debugging code backed out:
and patch landed:
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