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8 years ago
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8 years ago
I'm working on a OpenID server for Weave (so people can login to OpenID-enabled sites using their Weave account).  This will be a Python application that will access the LDAP server (to check user credentials), though it will not need any admin access to the server (i.e., it will only check that logins are correct, and will make no updates).  So it should have access to the staging LDAP server (or whatever LDAP server is most appropriate for developing against).  LDAP is the only Weave infrastructure my application needs access to.

The server also needs a public IP address and hostname, as OpenID testing requires third-party sites to access the server.

For the HTTP server I would like Apache and mod_wsgi, with Python 2.6.  It will have a database backend for logging logins etc. -- a locally hosted MySQL database should work fine.  I'd like sudo access so I can setup configuration, restart things, etc.
Assignee: server-ops → zandr

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8 years ago
Is this related to the work that mhanson is doing? If so, there's already a VM running. If not, happy to spin up another one for you.

Let me know, either way.

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8 years ago
That hadn't really occurred to me one way or the other; Mike, does it make sense for me to use your VM?

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8 years ago
Don't want to create more VMs to rebuild later, waiting for new cluster to come
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Server Operations: Weave is going away, and since this has nothing to do with services ops, where should it live?


7 years ago
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7 years ago
Right now I think this particular project is shelved; I'll open a new ticket if it is necessary.
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