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[sk][firefoxcup] Localize AMO promo text for Firefox Cup into Slovak



8 years ago
8 years ago


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(Whiteboard: [l10n])

The World Cup in South Africa is coming soon, and we're going to have a very lightweight website promoting Personas for the national teams :)

The website is still in web development, but today I'd like to start the Firefox Cup localization effort by asking you to provide translations into Slovak of the following 2 messages that will be used on AMO's carousel to promote the website.

Here are the strings:

= 1 ====== BEGIN ====

Firefox Cup

= 1 ======= END =====

= 2 ====== BEGIN ====

Support your team in the Firefox Cup

Dress up your Firefox in a Persona that shows off team spirit and keep up with game scores using the FootieFox Add-On. See it all on <a>Firefox Cup</a>.

= 2 ======= END =====

We'd love to be able to hand these translations to designer early next week. You will have a possibility to review the graphical work they will do with your translation after that.

Thanks in advance!
= 1 ====== BEGIN ====

Majstrovstvá Firefoxu

= 1 ======= END =====

= 2 ====== BEGIN ====

Podporte svoj tím na Majstrovstvách Firefoxu

Oblečte svoj Firefox témou Persona, ktorá zdôrazňuje ducha tímu a sledujte výsledky zápasov pomocou doplnku FootieFox. Viac na <a>Majstrovstvách Firefoxu</a>.

= 2 ======= END =====
Thanks Vlado! In the end, we decided to go for simple text styled with CSS
instead of an image. Marking the bug as fixed :)

The title of the page will be "Majstrovstvá Firefoxu", but I was wondering about the logo. See the preview here: 
Do you think we can leave it in English? Localizing the image might be too much
trouble, but if "cup" is not understandable, maybe we could remove it from the
logo altogether. Just thinking out loud, please share your thoughts too!
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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