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19 years ago
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19 years ago
I've had several folks if they can have a canned "Show My Open Bugs" link on the
Main Page.

What do ya think?


19 years ago
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19 years ago
I just thought I'd point out that I believe this function is already possible:
just go to the query page and look for your e-mail address in the reporter
field.  That's what I always do when I want to see my bugs.  I suppose having a
"My Open Bugs" type button might make it slightly easier by making this a 1 step
process, but on the other hand, this might also ultimately lead to more bloat,
since I believe it would simply be providing more redundancy in the UI--putting
it another way, it would simply be duplicating a feature already available.  And
ultimately, if you get enough of this kind of thing, I believe it just makes the
code cruftier and harder to maintain...  I dunno--anybody else out there have
any thoughts about this?  Just my 2 cents.

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19 years ago
I agree.  Just asking for what folks ask.  Don't mind at all if this is a Won't
There's a little bit of discussion about this over at bug #3745.  If 3745 was
implemented, there would be a distinction between bugs you're monitoring, and
bugs you're involved in, so this bug would actually become two queries.

I for one am absolutely in favour of this being implemented.  It is not bloat,
it is a way of speeding up Bugzilla for people.  I'm obviously a user of
Bugzilla, not the programmer, but I am a programmer, and I feel not implementing
this (assuming adequate time and getting priorities straight) would be doing
what's best for the programmer rather than the user, and the user is what
Bugzilla is there for.  Can you honestly tell me that this is excessive bloat,
when all it would essentially be is a URL link, since all queries get converted
into long URLs?
Sorry, didn't read totally.  Would be something like "my reported bugs", "bug's
I'm monitoring" and "bugs I'm involved in".

Obviously you can get around this with bookmarks, but often
(a) You might not be at the computer with your bookmarks
(b) If your bookmarks are anything like mine, a link on the main page is a lot
easy to choose than a deeply nested bookmark.  =)
OK, OK, so it's not simply a URL link.  See bug #5812.  terry@m.o said:


Actually, much more common is to want to see "all bugs assigned to me".  In my
experience, it's actually relatively rare to want to go see all the bugs that
you've created.

Your request is also complicated by the fact that the main page is in fact a
page, not a CGI script.  So it can't determine if you have logged in or not, and
so it can't decide whether "show my bugs" is a request that makes sense or not.

I am leaving this bug opened, as a RFE, but it still does not strike me as a
serious lack.  If you are going to use the bugsystem, it is pretty much vital to
learn how the query page works anyway.


So the difficult is the fact that reporter needs to be determined, and reporter
can't be built into a page.  So to do this, you might need the links to go a cgi
script or some such, which determines the username and redirects to the query.

A bit more complicated but only by a little.  It would need to handle if you
aren't logged in, but I assume this wouldn't be too hard since it's already done
in other places.

But of course I'm only guessing.  I imagine terry might know better.

I often want to look up all the bugs I've created.  That's because I'm a
not a Mozilla developer.  And there's going to be a lot more non-developers
hanging around here soon.  The balance will tip from people wanting to look up
bugs assigned to them to bugs they created or are monitoring.

I consider this bug to be like a keyboard shortcut - you don't need it, but it
makes things quicker.  "You should always use menus since not all options have
shortcuts" would not cut it.  =)
As an alternative to this, how about adding a link called "My Stored Queries",
and provide a set of useful queries by default?

Each query could have Edit, Rename, Delete, Run and Duplicate links here too.


18 years ago
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Comment 7

18 years ago
This bug is mostly fixed by the footer text that now appears at the bottom of
each page (which includes a "My bugs" link).  The remaining issues are mostly
covered in bug 24164.

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18 years ago
Yep...marking Verified.
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