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Remove ifdefs relating to MOZILLA_1_9_2 from Thunderbird


(Thunderbird :: Build Config, defect)

Not set


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Thunderbird 3.3a1


(Reporter: Callek, Assigned: Callek)




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Mark told me on IRC we are ready for this for the rest of c-c.
The upcoming patch obsoletes storage-backport. Instead if show a patch that removes it all, I'll just attach the hg addremove output from its MQ changeset.
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I'm not sure what we are meant to do with: So would appreciate someone else taking over that file work.
Attached patch kill the ifdefSplinter Review
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Comment on attachment 450049 [details]
remove storage-backport

This seems right and the changes in the patch seem right too.

(Per I only touched 2 files outside of storage-backport, and your patch removes those bits again.)
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This seems to be the right way to get rid of the extra code in nsMessengerOSXIntegration. Requesting review from Makoto as he put in most of the ifdefs in the first place ;-)
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Both patches checked in:
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 3.2a1
Landed the storage-backport removal though I botched the commit message on that one.
Depends on: 571644
No longer depends on: 571644
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